Emmy Singer

My name is Emmy & I want to help YOU find The Fit In You! 

There is nothing worse than being unhappy with your weight and self image - I know first hand! I haven’t always been fit. In the beginning of my adulthood, I found myself overweight and extremely frustrated.

Here's How I Found the Fit In Me!

In 2000 (at the age of 21) I joined my first gym, and now I can't  get enough of it!  But I didn't really know at the time what I was doing.  I would simply get to the gym, hop on a machine, and blast through some cardio. I did lose some weight, but the results seemed minimal and  my  body seemed  to plateau. I decided that working with a trainer myself would  maybe help  me learn the correct way to lift weights and eat properly.  Through  the help of my trainer and now close friend, I was able to break through my plateau and  re-energize my workouts. I built confidence and saw results that went far beyond the mirror.  Enrolling  in  my  first  figure competition was when I really gained strong  knowledge  about  the key components of health and being fit, weight training, and proper nutrition.

Speaking of nutrition, eating is another challenge I have faced and have now overcome. In my early twenties, I also dealt with an eating disorder and self image issues. It was a long and tough battle for me. But I now realize that I was put here to go through all that and overcome the challenges to help my clients and YOU!

Conquering the issues I have faced with my self image and fear of food is what  drives me into the gym every day to see YOU! There is nothing more  motivating  to me  than  the challenge of finding the right balance to overcome my fears and find MY fit. I want to help you feel free of any weight and self image issues  you may  have. I have the knowledge, strength, and ability to pass on to you what I have learned through my journey.

Don't wait.

Together, let's find the Fit In You!