Finding the Fit

1:1 Personal Training

Finding the Fit might seem a little scary. You might think it can't be done. You might think you won't even be able to do it. 

Together we WILL find The Fit in You!

Start Finding the Fit In You


There is no right or wrong answer as to how many times per week (or even per month) you should train. We're here to help make the best training decision for you.

Once we begin, we will adjust your plan to help deliver the best results and help you achieve your goals. We are ready to evaluate, train, motivate, and support you through a program that is right for you!

Below are some examples of how we can design a routine to bring out The Fit in You together! Not only will we focus on your training, but we will also focus on your nutrition. Note - nutrition, not "diet." You deserve to have a life, and we want to help you live a healthy life where you can always feel The Fit in You.

Jump Start Your Fit!

Looking for something to jump start your fitness program? Or maybe you just need that weekly motivation and the opportunity to learn new techniques you can use in your own workout?  A lot of our clients love getting that weekly push and motivation that lasts until the next time they see us! You will complete additional workouts and push yourself on other days.

1 training session per week; 4 sessions per month. Plus diet and nutrition consultation.

Step It Up!

Hit the gym twice a week with us to get your blood pumping and wheels moving! Our clients see the best results when they train with us at least twice a week. Not only will you receive two workouts that truly push you to your real potential, we’ll also cover your nutrition with food log check-ins, take your measurements (monthly), AND do body fat testing. We may change some things from time to time to keep your body challenged. Its flexibility and additional benefits make this is our most popular package!

2 training sessions per week; 8 sessions per month. Plus diet and nutrition consultation.


Get Fit Now!

Need to get fit in a hurry?  Maybe you have a class reunion or wedding to attend, or you are a bride to be, or you just want to get that beach body ready for next summer.  Train with us five days a week and you’ll have the body and confidence you’ve always wanted!

5 training sessions a week; 40 sessions over 2 months, Plus diet and nutrition consultation.

Baby Fat Blaster!

With all the demands of motherhood, reclaiming that pre-pregnancy body can be a challenge! The benefits of shedding the pounds and losing the baby weight are great for both your physical and mental health. Once you get clearance from your physician to start exercising, it's time to get in the gym! We know first hand how hard it is to keep your body nutritionally sound, everyone happy at home, and getting your mommy time in at the gym (so you can be a happier, healthier mommy at home)!  It's one of the many things that drives us to find The Fit in You!

2 training sessions per week; 8 sessions per month. Plus diet and nutrition consultation.

No Flab, Now Fab!


You’ve reached your goal and worked hard to get the rockin’ body…now let’s make sure you keep it!  This program is designed to keep you motivated and on track!

2 training sessions per month