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My name is Emmy Singer and I am the founder of The Fit In You located in the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota Area. I specialize in helping people of all shapes and sizes finding their inner health and wellness as well as helping them become the best "self" they can be! Throughout my site you will find my biography, my online training programs, client testimonials, fit food, and much more.

Fitness Challenges for 2020

12-week Biggest Loser Challenge

Going on NOW!
January 1st - March 31st

Shred those inches and lbs after the holidays!


Fitness Challenges for 2020

Spring Into Shorts Challenge

2020 Dates To Be Announced

Stop squeezing and start fitting into those shorts! It's the perfect way to get ready for summer!

Fitness Challenges for 2020

Summer Sizzle

2020 Dates To Be Announced

Take this challenge and feel the HEAT this summer!

Fitness Challenges for 2020

Hot for Holidays

2020 Dates to Be Announced

Stun your family members with the new you! Feel great going in and reduce the guilt of the holiday treats!

How Do Challenges Work?

All challenges are based off a point system. You earn points 3 different ways:

1.)  One on one weekly workout sessions with your trainer
2.)  Completing and turning in weekly check in form to your trainer
3.)  Every 1% body fat lost, you earn 5 points.
The Fit In You member that earns the most points during the challenge period wins the challenge!

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